Why Northern Tweeds?

As a Yorkshire-based business with two stores, dealing almost exclusively with mens and ladies wear of Yorkshire origin, you’d be right in assuming we’re always talking about the benefits of Northern tweed.

Why Yorkshire? It’s not just our ties to the local area that inspire our love for clothing from this fine county, although that is a factor. Simply put, the quality of Yorkshire wool is second to none, and valued not just across the country but all over the world.

The mills of this fine county provide some of the best quality wool products in the world, and with many of them having been successfully trading for hundreds of years, you can be assured that the techniques used to produce your clothing have a long history of refinement behind them.

Bradford, Sheffield, Keighley and other towns are well known for their historic textile industries that continues to thrive today. Some of the mills with which we work date back to the Industrial Revolution or even further, and continue to be family-owned. 

Yorkshire tweed mills have a tradition of operating locally where possible – this largely comes out of the tradition of regional pride that Yorkshire, and the north of England in general, are known for. As well as supporting local farmers, workers and suppliers, keeping things local is a good way of saving on the financial and ecological costs of transporting materials all over the globe.

In addition to this, by keeping the supply chain in Britain, we can be sure that all workers involved in the manufacturing process get a fair cut. That’s in contrast to the sweatshop labour so often seen in the global fashion industry. In an age of cutting corners with cheap outsourcing, ensuring fair wages for honest work may be an old-fashioned principle, but it’s the only way we do business!

Though we stock tweeds and other wool clothing from a variety of origins, it’s our locally sourced collections of which we are perhaps most proud. Why not browse our mens and ladies collections, online or in store?