Smithers Philosophy

Smithers’ philosophy is that by using only the best quality fabrics manufactured in British mills, we can provide a unique style for every occasion, whether in the country or about town, and throughout the year.

At Smithers we draw on over thirty years experience in various aspects of the fashion business. We are very passionate about the brands we stock, especially our own Smithers label of Mens and Ladies Tweed Jackets & Coats, our wool cashmere blend jackets & coats and our Mens range of Lambs wool & Merino wool blend knitwear. Where possible we like to source our cloth from the local mills of Yorkshire, using Leeds Mills like Alfred Brown of Bramley, Abraham Moon of Guiseley and Marton Mills of Pool in Wharfedale. Although predominately Yorkshire mills we do from time to time stray over the border and use cloth from Pendle Mill in Lancashire. Once a dying breed these Mills are experiencing a new lease of life as new generations discover that tweed is no longer the conservative fabric it once was, it has brighter, richer blends of colour and at Smithers our tailoring features additional finishing touches to give a quirky twist.