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Smithers knitwear harrogate

Manufactured for Smithers in the Colne Valley in West Yorkshire, our knitwear is created using a unique Spirol yarn.  This is a strong, fine technical yarn which is the perfect fusion of elasticity and performance that moves as you move, yet retains its shape and quality thanks to the parallel fibres created, with over 2 miles of yarn and 42,000 individual stitches, Spirol means our garments retain their softness, rarely crease, have minimal piling and are machine washable.  The seamless design aids with the shape retention.

Lambswool is the very first shearing from a Merino sheep, usually around the age of seven months, the strongest, finest fibres are then selected and these are spun to a thicker count for extra warmth.

After the initial shearing for Lambswool, Merino is each subsequent shearing of a Merino sheep, the strongest of these fibres are selected to create our garments, this reduces fibre damage in the finished product and ensures the garments retain their shape.

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