Tweed is no longer the conservative fabric it was once thought of as. It is getting bolder, brighter and better with rich mixtures of colour. Smithers’ philosophy is that by using only the best quality fabrics manufactured in British Mills where possible, we can provide a unique style for every occasion whether in the country or about town. All our tailoring features additional finishing touches to give a quirky twist to what was once thought of as a very traditional style of dress. We also have our own Smithers range of Mens merino lambswool mix knitwear manufactured for us in the heart of the Colne Valley. Made from ‘Spirol’ an innovating technology exclusively created by Glenbrae, the yarn, while naturally soft with a luxurious handle, has greatly increased strength and extension, making it far easier to care for, being 100% seamless with each stitch programmed to an exact length which allows unparalleled control and consistency. We have V necks and Zip necks.

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